The purpose of this procedure is the INTEGRA96 type A Inspection Body; Based on other relevant harmonized standards, particularly TS / EN / ISO Standards specified in the Scope of the KEK.02.17020 Handbook; It is to determine the methods to be applied for the examination, to make the technical examinations, to take the samples, to make the necessary tests and experiments, to perform the examination, to report the results and to arrange and deliver the documents of the organizations.
    General Manager (GM),
    Supervisor (MS),
    Inspection Specialist (MU),


Inspection process; It is a process consisting of taking examination request, reviewing the contract, conducting preliminary preparation studies, taking samples, performing the examination, recording the results, certifying from the requirements after certification, significant changes or repairs or short-term examinations resulting from certain situations.

The inspection program includes pre-examination preparation, sampling, inspection, certification, and annual surveillance. When the inspection specialist is appointed for the inspection service, the persons with the competence suitable for the examination of the customer are selected.

The tasks to be assigned to the examination specialist are determined in the task instructions.

Our company informs the customer about the inspection staff before the inspection. For this purpose, the client submits a form which gives brief information about the inspection staff. Customer can appeal to the examination staff by showing justified reasons. Therefore, the information of the customer is made just before the audit is planned.

Then, the time required to plan and perform a full and effective examination for the Customer is determined.

Finally, an inspection plan is established to meet the inspection program and the requirements of the contract terms.

The inspection plan is confirmed by the customer receiving the service.

After the examination, the inspection staff presents their findings, including non-conformities, improvement opportunities and observations, for the approval of the Inspection Officer in a written report. The inspection report will be approved by the Inspection Officer. In case the Inspection Officer is in the examination, the approval of the report is made by the directive and other expert who has sectoral experience. The approved report is presented to both our company and the customer.

Our organization does not transfer any other certification / inspection etc. to the conformity assessment body.